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Although babies start off as a blank slate they come packaged with high instinctual functions and the first six months of your baby’s life involves rapid growth both physically and mentally and the right toys can help him/her  in this journey of raid mental growth.

Fun fact: In the first month of your baby’s life he/she can only see objects about 20/30cmfrom their eyes


In the first few months of your child’s life it is important you introduce toys that can help build his/hers mental capabilities, for example: A toy that is visually appealing and colorful can help exercise and develop their attention span.

Fun fact: Toys your baby loves are the ones he’ll pay attention and listen too

As state above babies are born with some honed instincts and one of the is “grasping” however the baby won’t start holding anything until they’re three months old. Toys with handles (e.g teethers) are a great incentive for your baby to perfect his grasping skill. Soon enough they’ll be able to hold thier feeding bottles.


Fun fact: Babies have more control of their tongue and lip muscles than fingers and hands at first


In summary the things you have to look when buying toys for your babies are;


  1. Content : Babies after a few months are very oral, everything goes in the mouth, so when buying toys you’d have to be very considerate of what the toys are made of. You can know researching or contacting our care for preferences.



  1. Colors : Bright colors and high contrast black, white and red toys helps your baby see difference in shapes and pattern in early weeks



  1. Texture: Toys with different textures are great for your baby’s development feeling the difference between soft and hard will help stimulate your baby’s feelings



  1. Sound: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe your infant, a music box or bear would suffice. The songs should not be too raucous it should be soothing and pleasant for the child.



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